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Via A. Mantegna, 16 - 31021

Mogliano Veneto (TV) - ITALY 

P.I. 01444870263


mca architects

biennale architettura 2018 padiglione italia
venezia , italia



Thanks to our technical office, passion, dedication and experience, Macevi has managed to realize the "Anfiteatro” designed and strongly desired by the architect Mario Cucinella, spokesman of the Italian Pavilion at the 2018 Biennale di Architettura. Special Concrete Macevi has achieved over the years a high performing capacity that allows to the studios of engineering, architecture, general contract and designer to realize any type of product in terms of size and shape. The great success of l’Anfiteatro has enabled and strongly pointed out the will but even more the ability to realize custom workmanships in CLS Special Concrete Macevi and metal.